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Table of Contents

I Israeli Prime Ministers
II Israeli Presidents
III Jordanian Leaders
IV Egyptian Leaders
V Jewish History
VI The Assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
VII The Shimon Peres Conspiracy To Assassinate Yitzhak Rabin
VIII The Current Situation
IX Jewish Laws
X The Hallel

I Israeli Prime Ministers

1. David Ben-Gurion, Z"L * 1948-1953
2. Moshe Sharret, Z"L * 1953-1955
3. David Ben-Gurion, Z"L * 1955-1963
4. Levi Eshkol, Z"L * 1963-1969
5. Golda Meir, Z"L * 1969-1974
6. Yitzhak Rabin ^* 1974-1977
7. Menachem Begin, Z"L * 1977-1983
8. Yitzhak Shamir, Z"L * 1983-1984
9. Shimon Peres * 1984-1986
10. Yitzhak Shamir, Z"L * 1986-1992
11. Yitzhak Rabin ^* 1992-1995
12. Shimon Peres * 1995-1996
13. Binyamin Netanyahu 1996-1999
14. Ehud Barak 1999-2001
15. Ariel Sharon * 2001-2006
16. Ehud Olmert 2006-2009
17. Binyamin Netanyahu 2009-2021
18. Naftali Bennett 2021-2022
19. Yair Lapid 2022-

^ = Assassinated November 4, 1995, in Tel Aviv. He was initially shot at the re-named Yitzhak Rabin Square before being fatally shot at Ichilov Hospital.
* = Deceased

II Israeli Presidents

1. Chaim Weizmann, Z"L * 1948-1952
2. Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi, Z"L * 1952-1963
3. Shneur Zalman Shazar, Z"L * 1963-1973
4. Efraim Katzir, Z"L * 1973-1978
5. Yitzhak Navon, Z"L * 1978-1983
6. Chaim Herzog, Z"L * 1983-1993
7. Ezer Weizman, Z"L * 1993-2000
8. Moshe Katsav 2000-2007
9. Shimon Peres * 2007-2014
10. Reuven Rivlin 2014-2021
11. Yitzhak Herzog 2021-

* = Deceased

III Jordanian Leaders

1. King Abdullah I ^* 1946-1951
2. King Tahl * 1951-1953
3. King Hussein * 1953-1999
4. King Abdullah II 1999-

^ = Assassinated July 20, 1951, at The Al-Aqsa Mosque on The Temple Mount in Jordanian-occupied Jerusalem.
* = Deceased

IV Egyptian Leaders

1. King Fuad, YM"S * 1922-1936
2. King Farouk, YM"S * 1936-1952
3. Mohammad Naguib, YM"S * 1952-1954
4. Gamal Abdul Nasser, YM"S * 1954-1970
5. Anwar el-Sadat, YM"S ^* 1970-1981
6. Hosni Mubarak, YM"S * 1981-2011
7. Mohammad Morsi, YM"S * 2012-2013
8. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, YM"S 2014-

^ = Assassinated October 6, 1981, in Cairo.
* = Deceased

V Jewish History

For what happened before Judaism's start, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Creation.htm. This covers all events in the first 2 Torah Portions, Bereshit, and Noah. It starts with Creation, and concludes with the birth of Abraham.

Part I: Abraham to The Birth of Moses.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Genesis.htm.

Part II: The Birth of Moses to The Crossing of The Jordan River into Canaan.

For this section, go to www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Torah.htm.

Part III: The Crossing of The Jordan River into Canaan to The Destruction of The First Temple.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Bible.htm.

Part IV: The Return to Zion to Hasmonean Rule.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/SecondTemple.htm.

Part V: Roman Rule in Eretz Yisrael up to 303 C.E..

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/RomanEmpire.htm.

Part VI: Diaspora Middle Eastern Jewish History.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/MiddleEast.htm.

Part VII: Eastern, Ethiopian, and Sub-Sahara African Jewish History.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/East.htm.

Part VIII: European Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Europe.htm.

Part IX: Former Soviet Union Asian Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/SovietUnion.htm.

Part X: American Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/UnitedStates.htm.

Part XI: Canadian Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Canada.htm.

Part XII: Latin American Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/LatinAmerica.htm.

Part XIII: Caribbean and Atlantic Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Caribbean.htm.

Part XIV: Oceanic Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Oceania.htm.

Part XV: Israeli History from The Byzantine Empire to The Ottoman Empire.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Israel.htm.

Part XVI: Israeli History from The British Mandate to September 13, 1993.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Israel1.htm.

Part XVII: Israeli History from September 13, 1993 to The Present.

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Israel2.htm.

Part XVIII: Future Jewish History

For this section, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Mashiach.htm.

For a closer look at Jewish and World History with more details about some things and things not mentioned as well as religious and scientific explanations about World and Jewish events from Creation until the time of The Mashiach go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Science.htm.

VI The Assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

For this section go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Rabin.htm.

VII The Shimon Peres Conspiracy To Assassinate Yitzhak Rabin

For this section go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/conspiracy.htm.

VIII The Current Situation

Part I: The True Jewish Answer to The Current Political Situation in Israel.

For this section regarding Ariel Sharon's hijacking of The Likud Party and the true Jewish answer in the aftermath of the hijacking, expulsion, and formation of the Kadimah Party, go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/JewishAnswer.htm.

Part II: The Governments of Israel from Binyamin Netanyahu's First Government to Ariel Sharon.

For the section on The First Netanyahu Government go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Netanyahu.htm.

For the section on The Barak Government go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Barak.htm.

For the section on The Sharon Government go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Sharon.htm.

Part III: An Example of Past Left Wing Extremist Remarks.

For an example of some of the outrageous remarks of The Left Wing Extremists, read the outrageous remarks of Matanya Ben-Artzi. These remarks can be found at http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Artzi.htm.

Part IV: Israel's Neighbors and The PLO/Hamas Arab Muslim Nazis

To see the latest news about Syria go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Syria.htm.

To see the latest news about Lebanon go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Lebanon.htm.

To see the latest news about Jordan go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Jordan.htm.

To see the latest news about Egypt go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Egypt.htm.

To see the latest news about The PLO/Hamas Arab Muslim Nazis go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/PLO.htm.

IX Jewish Laws

For this section go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Halacha.htm.

X The Hallel

For this section go to http://www.jonathan5742.com/Right_Wing_Zionist_Homepage/Hallel.htm.

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