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When the new government was first formed, and 3 religious parties, Shas, The National Religious Party, and United Torah Judaism entered the coaltion, it seemed as if The Right had some influence in the government. That was before Barak's government started with its expected nonsense. It commited several offenses. The first one was moving turbine on Shabbat. Moving turbine is official state business. It is illegal for The Israeli Government to break Jewish law in official state business. Therefore, since moving the turbine was desecration of Shabbat, it was illegal for the government to permit this. They had many chances on this. They were warned many times. Finnaly, after moving the turbine on the Shabbat of September 3-4, 1999, United Torah Judaism pulled out of the coalition on September 5. They should have took that as a lesson, because the withdrawl of Shas itself, with its 17 MKs, could have brought down the government. The withdrawl of The National Religious Party could have left them with a slim majority. They were lucky that all 27 religious party MKs didn't withdrawl. The government would have been blown away in a second. Since they didn't learn their lesson, the remaining 22 religious party MKs finally did withdrawl when Barak decided to go to Camp David to offer Yasser Arafat a surrender agreement. Also, Yisrael B'Aliyah left which left Barak with not only no majority of MKs in the coalition, but not even outside support of a majority of MKs. Even members of his own "One Israel" from Gesher left "One Israel" and the government over Barak's Anti-Semitic offers to Arafat. One would have thought back then that there would have to be new elections but Barak was so foolish that he thought he could force his Anti-Semitic beliefs on the whole country without their support while claiming democracy as his reason even though this is really dictatorship. Then even with the other Leftist parties, they couldn't make a new coalition, not even with the Arab parties. Never before in Israeli History, had any government done this. It is just unbelieveable what nonsense Barak did.

Another offense was, when it was discovered that history was re-written and changed to make Israel look bad and The Palestinians look good in a new textbook to be taught in Israeli schools, the Anti-Semitic and Post-Zionist Education Minister, Yossi Sarid of Meretz, the most Anti-Semitic Jewish party, refused to get rid of the book. This means he manipulated his position to educate a new generation of Israelis to become Post-Zionist like him, in order to take over the country with his lies and filth.

Another offense is the continuation of The "Peace" Process. It was nice and calm with no withdrawls from Judea and Samaria between November, 1998, and September, 1999. Then in the early morning hours of September 5, 1999, he signed another piece of filth with Yasser Arafat. Once again, it was give and recieve nothing in return. He went ahead and released criminals that commited violent crimes against Jews and gave away more of Eretz Yisrael. In addition, he agreed to re-open an Arab market in Hebron, once again making it a haven for violence against Jews. The original Wye Accords didn't mention Hebron, but in this ammendment to it, Barak made it worse that it was, claiming to make it better, but in reality, only made it better in the World of Shimon Peres and his fantasies of a "New Middle East". Also, for the first time during The "Peace" Process, Barak uprooted an entire Jewish community in Maon Farm.

After months of begging Arafat to accept Barak's offer of surrender, in July, 2000, Barak finally convinced him to come to Camp David. Barak crossed all red lines. He offered to divide Jerusalem, something that he promised not to do when he got elected. Arafat even refused to that and insisted on all of Jerusalem and all of Yesha, the expulsion of all of Yesha's Jews, and a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Arafat didn't want to negotiate but rather dictate. Barak, being the fool that he is, went along with almost all of this. Thank God that Arafat insisted on The Temple Mount, because otherwise, Barak would have given into all of this Jew killer's demands and start the second Holocaust. We thank God that He created Ishmael with a stubborn brain that accepts all or none. That is what Ishmael is. He could have had everything he wanted but he insisted on all. If Barak had any sense left, he would have declared an end to the so-called "Peace" Process and got on with Israeli life and brought it back to normal and worked on reuniting the country. However, since the so-called "peace" talks with Arafat then stalled, he decided to pursue something else, but it is the exact opposite of reuniting the country. Instead, he decided to persecute Traditional and Religious Jews.

His persecution of Traditional and Religious Jews was his so-called "Secular Revolution". He talked about so-called Religious coersion but he was making Secular coersion. The Religious Jews in Israel are not making any Religious coersion at all, but rather keeping the status quo, which was designed to keep the peace between Jews in Israel. The beginning of this persecution was the joke of appointing anti-religion Jew, Yossi Beilin as Acting Minister of Religious Affairs. How can you put someone whose profession is to hate religion in charge of religious affairs? This only makes sense in the demented World of people like Ehud Barak, Yossi Sarid, and Shlomo Ben-Ami among the other members of the "enlightened" Socialist Secular Ashkenazic elite that run Israel. Beilin wanted to dismantle the ministry that he was appointed to be in charge of. He also appointed a woman that claims to be a "rabbi" to a religious council. Beilin himself is the archetect of Oslo, an antithesis of Judaism, and wanted to give the holiest piece of land in The World, The Temple Mount, to a terrorist organization that had the worst Jew killer since Adolf Hitler, Yasser Arafat, as their leader. Beilin also wanted to remove a person's nationality from Israeli Identity Cards. It is a Jewish country and The Jews have a right to have themselves labeled as Jews on their Identity Cards. Maybe screwed up people like Barak, Beilin, Sarid, and Shulamit Aloni are ashamed to be members of the people they were born into, but that doesn't mean that they have to take away the right to be labeled as a Jew for normal Jews. Barak also played with Jewish lives, by wanting to have a Jewish airline, El Al, fly on Shabbat, skywards towards Heaven. He also wanted to privatize it, which in the event of a war that Barak's policies were leading to, make it unable to transport soldiers and war materials. Ehud Barak has totally lost his mind. It would either take him doing teshuvah or the arrival of The Meshiach for him to regain his mind.

One of Barak's two worst offenses of all is the re-starting of "peace" talks with Syria. Barak gave in to Syria's condition of withdrawing from The Golan Heights. When he went to The White House and met with Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Shara, he just sat there and didn't say anything while Shara was trashing Israel. Instead, he went along with it. If, God forbid, he would have withdrawn from The Golan Heights, that would have been the worst thing an Israeli government would ever have done. It would have been the worst thing to happen since The Holocaust. It would have ranked right up there with the destructions of The First and Second Temples. If Barak would have given The Golan Heights to Syria, the worst country in the whole World, it would have been the equivlant of Israel's worship of the golden calf in the desert.

The second of Barak's two worst offenses of all is his behavior since the start of The Oslo War. This war which first started as The Rosh Hashana Arab Assault, first started as riots on September 28, 2000 allegedly as a response to Ariel Sharon's visit to The Temple Mount. It began as part of the regular on going conflict and then under Barak's Post-Zionist "leadership" was allowed to turn into full scale pogroms against The Jewish People. Over Rosh Hashana, in the defense of Joseph's Tomb in Shechem, Barak allowed a Druze soldier to die of his wounds for 6 hours before finally being helicoptered away. Of course to Barak, to re-liberate Shechem on the ground would be too sensible a way to rescue the wounded soldier so he just let him sit there to die. One would think it might be useful to re-liberate Shechem to give full and secure access to Joseph's Tomb but according to Barak's Leftist ideology, one must not do what is right and assure your enemies' victory. Then, on Shabbat Shuva, the day we are supposed to repent for our sins in preperation for Yom Kippur, the soldier's death became in vain when Barak ordered a retreat from Joseph's Tomb. Barak then just sat there and did nothing and allowed Arab Nazis to destroy the building and take the roof apart piece by piece, burn the building, and set up a PLO Nazi flag. Then the inquiry into the Rosh Hashana battle blamed the army for not pulling out earlier and made tension with The Druze criticising The Jews for one Jewish Anti-Jew's Anti-Semitic decision not to rescue the soldier. The army should have re-liberated the whole city and save the soldier all in one but Barak chose not to do either and then give up a third thing that even The Oslo Accords didn't give up. Barak just rewarded them for their killing of Israeli soldiers by giving them the site in order for them to destroy it. The blame should not have been made on the army for not withdrawing earlier but rather on Barak himself, for not allowing the soldier's rescue and later the surrender of the site to Arab Nazis. Barak then let the situation get even worse which led to the burning to the ground of The Shalom Al Yisrael Synagogue in Jericho. Then when PLO Nazis lynched the soldiers in Ramallah, it looked like Barak gained his sense back. He finally bombed the "police station" where the lynching took place. He later bombed other buildings, but instead of killing the Nazis inside, he first shot warning shots and then bombed empty buildings. He promised not to negotiate with The Palestinians and said we don't have a partner anymore but then kept begging them numerous times to accept larger and larger offers of surrenders even greater than those of Camp David on several occasions. While the violence kept getting worse, Barak kept offering them more and more. This reached the worse point in December, 2000, when he promised to give up large portions of East Jerusalem including all of The Old City including The Temple Mount, except for The Jewish Quarter and The Kotel. But he still denied he wanted to withdraw from The Temple Mount. He also agreed to surrender all of The Gaza Strip, 95% of Judea and Samaria, and land in The Negev, as un-heard of as giving away parts of Jerusalem, to make up for the other 5% of Judea and Samaria. He also wanted to create a PLO Muslim Nazi terrorist state in the heart of the Jewish homeland. He went against all of his self-declared red lines and then set new ones for the next round of talks, which he carried out while the violence continued. He just made new red lines, which no one even agreed with anymore, but no one was going to believe him anymore either after all the treasonous actions he carried out. All of this happened, while he was forced to resign, because his government would have fallen anyway. Due to the fact that he and his government got away with Leftist nonsense, the government appeared to have fallen in the end of November, 2000. The Right with its majority in The Knesset was able to bring down the government alone. However, Barak then pulled another Leftist stunt and resigned in order for the whole Knesset not having to be brought down and only the government. He did this so Binyamin Netanyahu wouldn't run and give him a better chance in the election. His trick worked and it turned out that the government was not brought down but rather brought down itself and advanced elections up to February 6, 2001. But what did he get out of resigning? Nothing. He lost the election anyway. If he would have won and people would have really wanted him, there were no new elections for Knesset and he would have been stuck with the same Knesset and in losing, he stopped being Prime Minister anyway. If he would have won, there would have had to be new elections for Prime Minister all over again and for Knesset sometime later on in 2001 for the same reason. He still would not have had a majority. Even after his resignation, he thought he had the right to continue negotiating and to offer a bigger and bigger surrender. He couldn't even appoint new ambassadors but he thought he could make the biggest decisions ever in The History of The State of Israel? He is just unbelievable. Since he lost, his resignation also caused trouble, because Ariel Sharon became Prime Minister and not Binyamin Netanyahu and Sharon ended up being the biggest fraud in Israeli History. Also, it wouldn't be possible for Sharon to have a stable first government even if he would have wanted it to be a Right Wing government.

At least since the elections were approaching, he didn't have any time to make any agreement and could certainly not get that Knesset to ratify such an agreement and make withdraws from Yesha. Luckily, Likud was then brought back into power although the new Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, became even worse than Barak in the end. Otherwise, Arafat may have gotten away with declaring a state, and Syria may have gotten The Golan Heights. As long as real Rightists are in power or have a majority in The Knesset, there will be no Palestinian state, and Syria won't get The Golan Heights.

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