HaYom Kulam Yod'im She'Kahane Tzadak!

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Shema Yisrael, Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echad!

This is the waterfall at The Banyas located in The Northern Golan Heights.

These are pictures of the archeological remains of Ancient Katzrin.

These are some dolmens near Gamla. Dolmens are the earliest signs of habitation in The Golan Heights and are believed to be the remains of ancient burial sites dating back more than 6,000 years.

This is Gamla, which is like the Masada of The Golan Heights, where a similar battle took place during the revolt against The Roman Empire.

These are pictures of the citadels at Nimrod's Fortress National Park in The Northern Golan Heights near Mount Hermon. There is a tradition that Nimrod, the grandson of Ham, could reach from here and draw water from The Banyas. Nimrod's Fortress was thought to have been a Crusader fortress but it is now known that it was built by Arabs after they defeated The Crusaders.

These are views from Nimrod's Fortress National Park.

These are pictures of Birkat Ram, a crater lake in The Northeastern Golan Heights. The only sources of the lake are rain water and an underground spring. The water does not leave the lake to any other body of water. Birkat Ram is one of 3 underground springs, along with Hamat Gader in The Southeastern Golan Heights and Hamat in Tiberias, that opened up in The Flood of Noah and didn't close up again after The Flood.

This is a view of the snow caped peaks of Mount Hermon.

These are views from Mount Hermon.

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