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Table of Contents

I The Signing of The Oslo Accords on September 13, 1993, to The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
II The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin to The Election of Binyamin Netanyahu.
III The Years of The Prime Ministership of Binyamin Netanyahu.
IV The Election of Ehud Barak, to The Beginning of The Oslo War on September 28, 2000.
V The Beginning of The Oslo War on September 28, 2000, to The Present.

I The Signing of The Oslo Accords on September 13, 1993, to The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

At the completion of the secret negotiations in Oslo by the Oslo cultists (Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yair Hirschfeld, Ron Pundik, etc....), Yitzhak Rabin was forced against his will to sign The Oslo Accords by Shimon Peres. Barry Chamish, however, says that Rabin was behind Oslo all along and Peres later re-wrote History to claim that he was the Oslo architect. On September 13, 1993, in the darkest moment in The History of The State of Israel, a hesitant Rabin, shook hands on the White House lawn with the vermin Jew killer, Yasser Arafat (May his name and memory be erased.), in the presence of American President Bill Clinton. This brought an end to The Intifada and a beginning of the interim period of Oslo which lasted until the beginning of The Oslo War which broke out at the collapse of Oslo in 2000.

Of course despite the signing of this so-called "peace accord", the terrorism continued and even got worse. It got so bad that around Purim in 1994, a repeat of the 1929 Arab massacre of The Jews of Hebron was planned. However, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, Z"L, stopped the massacre in its tracks and on Purim Day, February 25, 1994, killed 29 Arabs in The Cave of The Machpelah in Hebron, before he was killed by illegaly armed Arabs. Since the government wasn't doing anything about the plans of a massacre against Hebron's Jews, he took matters into his own hands and killed all the Hamans planning to kill Jews instead of them killing us just like on the original Purim.

Arab attacks against Jews continued but the government turned a blind eye to this and signed an accord with Arafat in Cairo on May 4, 1994, agreeing to turn over parts of The Gaza Strip and Jericho to Arafat and his Jew killing gang and allow them to enter the country from their terrorist headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia. This accord set a 5 year time table for the completion of Oslo and at the end of the 5 years, Palestinian autonomy was set to expire and there was supposed to be a "final status agreement" in its place. The fact that Oslo could just expire shows how corrupt of an agreement it is and Israel should have took all the land back since no final agreement was reached by the end of the 5 years on May 4, 1999.

However, one postive thing did come out of The Oslo Accords. That's the peace treaty with Jordan. Jordan didn't want back The West Bank and East Jerusalem since it gave up its claim on them to The Palestinians so when Israel signed The Oslo Accords, Israel entered peace negotiations with Jordan. On July 25, 1994, Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein met at The White House and signed The Washington Declaration. This preliminary agreement ended the state of war between Israel and Jordan. On August 8, 1994, Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein opened the border crossing between Eilat and Aqaba and then Rabin visited Aqaba with Hussein and the two traveled on Hussein's yacht in The Red Sea on The Gulf of Aqaba between Aqaba, Jordan, and Eilat, Israel. On October 26, 1994, Yitzhak Rabin and Jordanian Prime Minister Abdul Salam Majali signed a final peace accord at The Arava Border Crossing which had been opened between Eilat and Aqaba on August 8, 1994. The two countries made small border adjustments and Israel agreed to share some of its water with Jordan among other things.

Around the same time, the suicide bus bombings started. In October, 1994, a Hamas suicide bomber bombed a bus in Tel Aviv killing over 20 people. The violence continued with many more suicide bombings. There were many bombings in 1995 including one on a bus in Jerusalem on August 21, 1995. However, this didn't stop the Oslo cultists from signing yet a third agreement with Yasser Arafat. Oslo II was signed on September 28, 1995, at The White House between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat at the insistance of Shimon Peres. This agreement was meant to transfer control of cities in Judea and Samaria to Arafat's control and to create The Palestinian Authority which would hold "democratic" elections for its Chairman (Yasser Arafat was elected Chairman in early 1996.).

However, Yitzhak Rabin was beginning to realize the mistake he had made in signing Oslo and Shimon Peres was insistent that Oslo be continued. Peres was pushing Oslo against Rabin's will until his last day. But Peres came up with a plan under the backing of the Anti-Semitic European Union, particularly of the Anti-Semitic French government. He arranged a Left Wing conspiracy to instigate Yigal Amir in order to frame him for Rabin's assassination. He also arranged for Rabin's bodyguard to assassinate him. Finally, on November 4, 1995, after an Oslo rally in the re-named Yitzhak Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, Yigal Amir shot a blank bullet at Yitzhak Rabin as he was getting into his car and his bodyguard Yoram Rubin shot real bullets at him inside the car and then his driver Menachem Damti drove him for 15 mintues instead of the normal one minute to Ichilov Hospital where the doctors where able to save his life. But then his bodyguard shot one more bullet in the hospital which killed him. Amir was arrested and convicted for the assassination. Peres did all this in order to become Prime Minister in order to continue Oslo. Peres was named Acting Prime Minister before being approved as Prime Minister by The Knesset. Rabin was burried at Har Herzl Cemetery in Jerusalem on November 6, 1995.

II The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin to The Election of Binyamin Netanyahu.

Soon after Shimon Peres became Prime Minister, the terrorist attacks started again. The worst period of his Prime Ministership was around Purim, at end of February to the beginning of March, 1996. There were many deadly terrorist attacks during this time. People came to realize that Oslo was a mistake and Shimon Peres's popularity went down. Also at this time, the peace talks with Syria for the surrender of The Golan Heights broke off after Syria refused to comdemn the attacks.

In The Spring of 1996, Hizbullah shot many katyusha rockets from Southern Lebanon into Northern Israel. Shimon Peres rightly responded by ordering the army to carry out Operation Grapes of Wrath against Hizbullah. This was highly sucsessful and killed many terrorists. However, Shimon Peres ended the operation with an agreement called The Grapes of Wrath Understanding which formed an Anti-Israel monitoring committe and both sides agreed not to go into civilian areas in Southern Lebanon. This hurt Israel because Hizbullah didn't follow the agreement and Israel did, therefore making Hizbullah terrorists being able to hide in civilian areas in Southern Lebanon.

People were fed up with Shimon Peres and he was forced to call early elections. On May 29, 1996, in the first direct elections for Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu beat Shimon Peres by less than 1% in the closest elections ever. Israel was then saved from 4 years of Labor and 2 1/2 of years of Oslo.

III The Years of The Prime Ministership of Binyamin Netanyahu.

The period while Binyamin Netanyahu was Prime Minister was the quietest since before the signing of The Oslo Accords. Netanyahu believed in reciprocity and only gave The Palestinians land if they gave peace in return. He had a week government because his Right didn't want any dealings with The Palestinians and his Right wanted to continue with Oslo. To him it was clear that Oslo was a mistake but he felt an obligation to continue with the corrupt accords that he inherited. If he was Prime Minister today, he would have destroyed The Palestinian Authority already since it is now clear to everyone that Oslo was a mistake. When he signed The Hebron Protocol and The Wye River Memorandum he didn't carry them out to their fullest because The Palestinians didn't profill their side of the agreements.

At first Netanyahu didn't meet with The Palestinians at all. In September, 1996, he allowed the opening of The Herodian Tunnel which runs along The Western Wall of The Temple Mount to the left of the praying area at The Kotel. The Palestinians saw this has an act against what they refer to as "their holy sites" on The Temple Mount and started The Tunnel Riots killing about a dozen Israeli soldiers. Israel rightfully responded by killing about 60 Palestinians in the largest outbreak of violence since the signing of The Oslo Accords until the outbreak of The Oslo War 4 years later. Bill Clinton invited Netanyahu, Arafat, and King Hussein to The White House for a summit that didn't result in any breakthrough towards a peace agreement. However, Netanyahu later signed The Hebron Protocol which gave The Palestinians Arab neighborhoods of Hebron in January, 1997, but the accords weren't carried out to their fullest and Arafat resorted to violence. In March, 1997, he gave the green light for Hamas to carry out a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv around Purim time. More terrorist attacks followed. There were terrorist attacks in Jerusalem in July and September and after the September terrorist attack, Netanyahu announced that he had it with Arafat.

1998 was the quietest year since the signing of The Oslo Accords. Only about 10 people were killed in terrorist attacks the whole year. There were on and off negotiations with The Palestinians all year and on October 23, 1998, The Wye River Memorandum was signed. Bibi signed it in order to try to repair the wholes of Oslo and to get Arafat to profill his side of Oslo. After Bibi gave away a very small amount of the 13% of The West Bank promised to The Palestinians in Wye he stopped Wye because Arafat returned to his old ways after less than a month. Since The Left didn't like that Bibi stopped Wye and and The Right didn't like that Wye was signed in the first place, legislation was passed to make new elections scheduled for May 17, 1999. In the meantime, Oslo was put on hold and May 4, 1999, the date originally set for the signing of a final status agreement past and Bibi prevented Arafat from declaring a Palestinian state by threatening to annex all of Area B (Area in the liberated territories under Palestinian civil control and Israeli security control.) and Area C (Area in the liberated territories under full Israeli control.) since such a declaration would have voided Oslo and ordered the closure of Orient House, the illegal Palestinian governmental office in Jerusalem, but the self hating Israeli Supreme Court prevented the closure. However, the foolish Israelis forgot how bad it was under a Labor government and elected Ehud Barak bringing an end to 3 years of Right Wing Zionist leadership.

IV The Election of Ehud Barak, to The Beginning of The Oslo War on September 28, 2000.

After Barak was elected he renegotiated Wye and changed it to agree with his Post-Zionist ideas and to add more wholes to Oslo and not to fix the wholes of Oslo how Bibi meant them to do. Barak and Arafat signed The Sharm El-Sheikh Memorandum on September 5, 1999, which was to complete the Wye withdrawls, to re-open an Arab market in Hebron which once again made it a haven for Jew killers, and set September 13, 2000, as the new date to reach a final status agreement. Even Sharm El-Sheikh withdrawls didn't go forth as planned because Arafat said the land Barak wanted to give him wasn't good enough for him. In the end Barak completed all the Sharm El-Sheikh withdrawls and even almost gave up land bordering on Jerusalem as a "good will gesture". Even terrorist attacks didn't stop Barak.

In December, 1999, Barak re-started negotiations with Nazi Syria. He offered Syria all of The Golan Heights but even that wasn't good enough for them because they wanted to control part of The Kinneret. Luckily the talks broke off and didn't start back up again since then.

In May, 2000, Barak unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon. Barak did this only to save lives of Israeli soldiers since we don't claim any part of Lebanon as belonging to Israel until The Meshiach comes and therefore there was no reason to be there and people will die either way. At least now less people die on the Northern border and The World won't blame us. Even the Anti-Semitic United Nations recognizes that we withdrew to the international border but Hizbullah continues to kill and kindap Israeli soldiers since now they claim Har Dov, in The Golan Heights belongs to Lebanon but it was liberated from Syrian occupation, not Lebanese occupation. The way The Arabs saw us "fleeing" from Lebanon also encouraged The Palestinians and made them think that we would "flee" from Yesha in the same way.

In July, 2000, Barak went with Arafat to Camp David to try to negotiate a final status agreement and offered him almost all of Yesha and part of Jerusalem. Even this wasn't enough for Arafat and Arafat rejected it signaling the death of Oslo. Arafat then looked for chance to revolt against Israel to try to get what he couldn't get on the negotiating table and when Ariel Sharon used his right as a Jew to visit The Temple Mount on September 28, 2000, Arafat claimed that Sharon was violating what he called "Muslim holy sites" on The Temple Mount and used that as an excuse to start The Rosh Hashana Arab Assault which started The Oslo War and officially nullified The Oslo Accords.

V The Beginning of The Oslo War on September 28, 2000, to The Present.

Rosh Hashana started the second day of The Oslo War which is where The Rosh Hashana Arab Assault, the beginning of The Oslo War gets its name. About 5 soldiers died the first week of The Oslo War including one Druze soldier that Barak left to die at Joseph's Tomb on Rosh Hashana because he didn't want to re-liberate Shechem. The soldier's death later became in vain because Barak ordered a withdraw from Joseph's Tomb on Shabbat Shuva. After the withdraw, Arab Nazis burned part of the building, took the roof apart piece by piece, and placed a PLO Nazi flag on top. Arafat later "fixed" the building by painting the dome green, which is the Nazi color of Islam. Then between Yom Kippur and Sukkot Palestinian Nazis lynched Israeli soldiers in a "police station" and burned The Shalom Al Yisrael Synagogue in Jericho to the ground. Barak actually had a little sense to respond to the attacks but later tried to negotiate for an even bigger surrender. Simultaneous Israeli Arab violence called The October Riots led to the death of 13 Israeli Arab Nazis.

After having a minority coalition for many months, Barak's government almost fell but then in December, 2000, Barak resigned so he wouldn't have to run against Bibi in the elections and so Labor could keep its Knesset seats since Barak's resignation meant there would only be elections for Prime Minister. Even though he resigned, he still thought he had the right to negotiate a bigger and bigger surrender and even went as far as to offer land in The Negev which even the international community recognizes as part of Israel in exchange for keeping the small amount he acutally didn't want to give up in Judea and Samaria. But luckily even that wasn't good enough for The Palestinians and Barak lost the election to Ariel Sharon on February 6, 2001.

Unfortunately, Sharon formed a national unity government with Labor and included their Post-Zionist leaders Shimon Peres and Binyamin Ben-Eliezer as Foreign Minister and Defense Minister. Since Sharon entered office, there were no real negotiations with The Palestinians but Sharon did allow Peres to play diplomatic games in which Peres pretended to represent Israel while he talked nonsense and acted like he was drunk. There have been many suicide attacks during Sharon's Prime Ministership and Sharon responded to them by bombing Palestinian targets, killing terrorist leaders, temporarily re-liberating land given to The Palestinians, and surrounding Arafat's compound but this is not enough and all of the liberated territories must be re-liberated, all terrorists including Arafat must be either killed, arrested, or deported, and Israel must put an end to every part of Oslo and must not deal with any Palestinian leadership. Palestinians that agree to live in Israel in peace without claiming the right to their own country and without doing violent acts can stay but all others must be deported to Arab countries.

The more Ariel Sharon sat in the government together with Shimon Peres, the more he started to act Leftist himself and when Labor thankfully left the government in November, 2002, Sharon exposed his true face when he continued to act like Shimon Peres when he didn't have to. Sharon's goals are to turn Likud into Labor B and to create a PLO terrorist state in the heart of Israel. Ariel Sharon preferred to call for new elections rather than make the true Right Wing coalition he was elected to make. New elections were set for January 28, 2003, with the old system back in place of only voting for a party so Arabs that wanted to vote for Arab parties couldn't decide who would become Prime Minister. As expected, Ariel Sharon was re-elected and The Right Wing won in a landslide with Likud winning 38 seats in The Knesset and with the entire Right Wing winning a total of 69 seats.

Since Sharon is now a Leftist, he went against the will of the voters and tried to establish another national unity government. But luckily Labor refused to such an offer and he had to settle only for another Left Wing party, the Anti-Semitic and Amalekite Shinui Party. This came at the expense of Shas and United Torah Judaism. Sharon chose to make a coalition with an anti-religious party for a total of 68 MKs in the coalition rather than bring religious parties which with the rest of The Right Wing would be a total of 69 MKs. Sharon must immidiately kick Shinui out of the government and bring in Shas and United Torah Judaism. To do otherwise, would be against the will of the voters.

On May 25, 2003, Sharon forced his government to support George W. Bush's Anti-Semitic "Road Map" to Auschwitz. Since Sharon and Bush entered office, they have played various diplomatic games which are beyond a need to comment on them but as time went on Sharon and Bush became worse and worse until they became worse than Barak and Clinton. Sharon must be immidiately impeached by his own party so he can be replaced by a Right Wing Likud MK without the need for new elections.

Sharon has gotten worse and worse and now destroys what he calls "illegal Jewish outposts" in Judea and Samaria. He even now wants to destroy long established towns in Yesha. He wants to do this even without an agreement and calls this "unilateral seperation". He should either kick the Arabs out of Yesha or build a fence around all the Arabs so they can be caged in and not build a fence along The Green Line that will have Jews and Arabs on the same side of the fence. He thinks Israeli blood in pre-1967 Israel reder than Israeli blood in Yesha. He says that also will be temporary and more Jews will have to be expelled if an Anti-Semitic "peace agreement" is signed with the so-called Palestinians. He even proved himself to be an self-hating Jewish Anti-Semite because he destroyed the synagogue in Kfar Tapuach West in memory of Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZT"L, HY"D, Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, ZT"L, HY"D, and Taliya Kahane, Z"L, HY"D, who were all murdered by Muslim Nazi terrorists. What kind of Jew destroys a synagogue? Since "The Road Map" is to Auschwitz, the destruction of the Kahanist synagogue is Kristalnacht.

Sharon makes Israel seem weak because he let hundreds of Muslim Nazi terrorists go free in exchange for one Elchanan Tenenbaum, who wasn't on a mission for Israel, and the bodies of the 3 Israeli soldiers kidnaped by Hizbullah in October, 2000, at the start of The Oslo War. He should have only let them go in exchange for all of the prisoners of war and/or the bodies of prisoners of war, the body of Eli Cohen, and Jonathan Pollard. Sharon is a traitor for not caring about Jonathan Pollard. Jonathan Pollard is an American, Israeli, and Jewish hero. It was his patriotic duty as an American, Israeli, and Jew to pass on the information to Israel regarding Iraq after the traitors in The American Government refused to honor an agreement they signed with Israel. On the same day of the prisoner exchange, a Muslim Nazi suicide bomber blew himself up killing about 10 people on a bus in Jerusalem. The Muslim Nazis that were released will resume their terrorist activities and try to carry out more attacks like that.

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