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Shema Yisrael, Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echad!

In 2000, Israel withdrew from The Security Zone in order to save lives. It was not a victory for Hizbullah. There was nothing to gain from being in Lebanon. Hizbullah will bomb either way. It is Hizbullah and other terrorists' fault such as The PLO that we were in Lebanon in the first place. They drove us into Lebanon, not out of Lebanon. It was not a war. No one won. Our goal in Lebanon was not to win a war. It was to guard the border. We saw it wasn't an efficient way to guard the border, so we withdrew. Hizbullah is against Lebanon. Anyone who supports Hizbullah is against Lebanon. Hizbullah is not a representative of The Lebanese People, but rather a terrorist group against Israel and Lebanon. Now even The Lebanese Government supports Hizbullah. The South Lebanese Army was the only true representative of Lebanon. But now Lebanon is against them. The SLA should head the government of Lebanon. Lebanon is now a terrorist state, completely run by terrorists, just like Syria. Lebanon let Hizbullah take over The South. Instead, it should expel Hizbullah, all Syrian troops, PLO/Hamas Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists, and other terrorists to Syria, where they belong. Lebanon should only be for Christian Arabs. If Lebanon does that, and sends its troops all across Lebanon, and can be independent of Syria, then Israel can finally have peace with Lebanon. However, if Lebanon doesn't keep Hizbullah under control, Israel reserves the right to go back into Lebanon and fight Hizbullah itself. Israel also has the right to bomb terrorist targets in Lebanon from the air.

Israel was willing to withdraw from Lebanon in exchange for a peace treaty but Lebanon also wanted us to make peace with Syria. Since Syria wanted The Golan Heights for peace, we didn't make peace with Syria, especially not since they don't want a real peace and continuously threaten Israel. Since Lebanon didn't change their stance, there is no peace with Lebanon today. Syria also wanted us to make peace with Lebanon. However, they were using The Security Zone as a gambling chip for The Golan Heights. Now they lost that chip. We didn't use the Security Zone accept for security reasons. We do use the Golan Heights for other reasons. Now that we have withdrawn, Lebanon has no excuse for attaking Israel. But Lebanon allows Hizbullah to continuously attack Israel from its territory with the aid of Syria and Iran. In The Second Lebanon War in 2006, Israel should have liberated Southern Lebanon, expelled the Arab enemies living there, and annexed it to Israel since it's part of Northern Eretz Yisrael. Any Arab country that allows terrorists to use its land to attack Israel loses all rights to that land and Israel must liberate it once and for all.

Here are some pictures having to do with Lebanon.

Here is The Good Fence in Metulla, the border between Israel and Lebanon. Lebanon can be seen on the other side of the fence.

Here is a view of a Lebanese village from The Good Fence.

Here is President Emile Lahoud of Lebanon.

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