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Shema Yisrael, Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echad!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for voting for Ariel Sharon for Prime Minister of Israel in the February 6, 2001 Prime Ministerial Elections. We achieved the biggest victory ever in the race for Prime Minister. We showed everyone that a huge majority of Israelis supports true Rightist leadership. We were saved from Barak. There were 2 choices. They were to either re-elect Barak which would have left him with the same Knesset which didn't support him and would have wasted time giving Barak more time to play his games until the next elections which would have been later on in 2001 or elect Sharon who had at least a thin majority in The Knesset as opposed to Barak's huge minority to finish out the remaining term of that Knesset. Re-electing Barak would have just led to the same nonsense of his traitorous policies which wouldn't have passed in The Knesset anyway until his government and The Knesset would have fallen. Electing Sharon put an end to a year and a half of Post-Zionist Leftist policies of Oslo and other Leftist nonsense and restored what could have been real Jewish leadership to Israel if Sharon hadn't deceived the voters and become a Leftist. Our prayers that Israel would learn from the mistake it made in 1999 and for it to come back to its senses came true. Sharon's records proved that he was the right choice. At Wye, even when his fellow Rightist Likudnik, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu shook hands with vermin Arafat, Sharon went a step further and refused to shake hands with that Arab version of Hitler.

However, Sharon formed a national unity government with Labor. The detrimental inclusion of Labor in the government and their Post-Zionist leaders, Shimon Peres and Binyamin Ben-Eliezer as Foreign Minister and Defense Minister came at the cost of The Right since The National Union - Yisrael Beitenu dropped out of the government, The National Religious Party didn't join the government until more than a year after its formation, Gesher didn't join until more than a year after its formation but later dropped out, and Herut never joined in the first place. Sharon was held hostage to people he chose to sit together with in the same government even though they are against what appeared to be his beliefs. Sharon had to return to his original beliefs. When Labor quit the government, he preferred to call for new elections rather than form the true Rightist government he was elected to form exposing his true face. He should have kicked Labor out of the government and brought all the Rightist parties into the government. That way he would have wide government support to simply end the so-called "Peace Process" and remove The Palestinian Authority and their Gestapo "police" off of the map of Israel. The real Sharon that everyone knew had an iron wrist policy against The Palestinians. However, he started to support a Palestinian state and his goals became to turn Likud into Labor B. The only difference between Sharon and Labor was that he doesn't want to negotiate while the violence continued and wanted to replace Arafat. Although it wasn't clear at the time what red lines Sharon would have in so-called peace negotiations, the real Sharon would refuse to even put Jerusalem on the table let alone agree to give it away like Barak. He would have kept all of Jerusalem especially The Temple Mount under eternal united Jewish rule. He would refuse to talk about The Jordan Valley with The Palestinians and would keep all Jewish holy sites in Judea and Samaria under Israeli control. He would not expel a single community in Yesha. He would never allow a Palestinian state. He betrayed the voters regarding most of these things and hijacked The Likud Party and was re-elected in The 2002 Primaries. However, he did apply the unlimited necessary force to put an end to Palestinian agression rather than bomb empty buildings and beg the Nazi terrorists to take more and more of the heart of the Jewish homeland. He did this by temporarily liberating areas occupied by The Palestinian Authority and killing Palestinian Nazi terrorists that were in those areas. The real Sharon would not allow Arabs that voluntarily fled from their homes in Pre-1967 Israel hoping to return to a "liberated Palestine" return to Israel. He didn't even hold real negotiations with The Palestinians at all since there wasn't a complete halt to the violence. All of his actions against terrorism were not enough and he had to return to his true self and the end The Oslo War by permanently re-liberating all of Judea, Samaria, and The Gaza Strip and kill all terrorists. He had to give Palestinian civilians one choice, either agree to live in peace and stay or be paid a basket of emigration to emigrate to an Arab country.

On January 28, 2003, he was re-elected and The Right Wing won 69 seats in The Knesset. He was given the mandate to form a strong Right Wing government. However, he tried to make another national unity government but luckily Labor refused. Instead, he settled for a government with Shinui, the Anti-Semitic and Amalekite anti-religious party rather than Shas and United Torah Judaism. This brought a total of 68 MKs into the coalition rather than a total of 69 MKs. To make matters worse, Sharon gave Shinui 5 ministries including The Justice Ministry and The Interior Ministry. Shinui made the Post-Zionist "justice" system even worse and it had control over some religious affairs which were being transfered to The Interior Ministry when The Religious Affairs Ministry was being dismantled and Shinui tried to make a "Secular revolution" in its new capacity. Also, 2 of the 4 evil Yossis (Yosef Tommy Lapid and Yosef Paritzky.) became ministers (The other ones being Yossi Sarid and Yossi Beilin.). Shinui removed the Hebrew initials for "With the help of God." from Interior Ministry documents, tried to get Ehud Olmert to stop enforcing laws against Shabbat labor, and didn't enforce the laws against selling chametz on Passover. If Sharon was normal, he would have immediately kicked Shinui out of the government and in its place, bring in Shas and United Torah Judaism. To do otherwise, was against the will of the voters.

On May 25, 2003, Sharon forced his government to support George W. Bush's Anti-Semitic "Road Map" to Auschwitz. Since Sharon and Bush entered office, they played various diplomatic games which are beyond a need to comment on them but as time went on Sharon and Bush became worse and worse until they became worse than Barak and Clinton. The only sane choice was for Sharon to be immidiately impeached by his own party in order to be replaced by a Right Wing Likud MK without the need for new elections.

Sharon continued to get worse and worse by doing such things such as the Anti-Semitic destruction of the Kahanist synagogue in Kfar Tapuach West, giving into Shinui's Anti-Jewish and anti-religious policies, and calling for the destruction of whole Jewish communties as a "threat" to the so-called Palestinians as what he will do if they don't sign a "peace" agreement while at the same time saying he will continue with "The Road Map" in the future if The Palestinians agree to. Sharon gave 2 choices: to surrender to a larger degree or to surrender to a lesser degree.

Sharon became the Jewish Hitler when he proposed the Gaza and Northern Samaria expulsion plan. He proposed the policy of Labor which he beat in the elections and then bribed former Rightist MKs to go along with it. In August, 2005, when he obliterated Gaza and Northern Samaria and made those areas Judenrein, he committed the worst thing to happen since The Holocaust. These tragic events will forever be remembered with the destruction of The Temples due to the proximity to Tisha B'Av. Sharon will forever be remembered as the wickedest Jew of his time.

Sharon then went ahead and formed the Left Wing Kadimah Party when it was clear Likud would no longer tolerate him. Then God punished Sharon and took him out of commission by giving him a stroke in January, 2006, which put him in a coma. His accomplice, Ehud Olmert, who is a Judenrat worm, then undemocratically seized power when the government should have been turned over to Likud as the biggest party. Olmert continued in Sharon's path and committed a violent pogrom and expulsion on the outpost community of Amona. Then Israelis became dumber then ever by voting for Kadimah as the largest party in the March 28, 2006 17th Knesset Elections to reward them for their criminality and deceit putting Olmert as the new Prime Minister and leaving The Right Wing with only 50 MKs.

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